My name is Artyom Chudakov and my two passions are basketball and photography. What I love most about photography are those moments during a photo shoot when people open up, speak out and bring in their own ideas. If they are also pleased with the results of my work, the outcome is just perfect.

Capturing personalities

My love for photography first began in 2007 when I was working as a project manager for a web agency. During that period I devoted my time to various types of photography, including architectural, portrait, landscape and macrophotography. Portraiture, however, is what I prefer most. In the past I had the chance to gain valuable experience as a photographer that has truly enriched my work – I did numerous wedding, love story and family photo shoots. I enjoy getting in contact with people and my aim is to capture each personality in its natural way.

Capturing memories

As times and people change, memories from the past and from special moments in life are becoming more valuable. Those enduring memories need to be captured in a natural and artistic way. Here I not only find the mere act of photography fascinating, but also the editing: working with contrasts, perspectives and colors allows me to dive into another world for hours.

I’ve been married to my lovely wife since 2011 – the bond of matrimony is the result of the decision to spend the rest of our lives together. One of our mutual passions is photography. My wife contributes to my work with her skills and her femininity, which are both crucial elements. Therefore we often work together.

You are curious about my work? I would love your feedback or to get in touch with you.

It would be my pleasure to capture your memories on special moments of your life!

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